Working from home

It has been a challenging year – and as a result many of us had to work from home for much of 2020. However, many companies have now seen the benefits to both themselves and their employees in allowing staff members to work from home either full or part time. As a result, the housing market has been booming with people trying to accommodate their new normal. Homes with an extra bedroom are in demand and many people are looking for ways to create a home office within their home for home working 2021.

It’s important to set up a quiet dedicated area otherwise you could find it’s a difficult balance trying to cut off from your personal life when in the home. Here are some ways to organise your space:

Choose an area

Think carefully about an area to set aside for home working – think carefully about the right area depending on your circumstances and the way you work. Some people work well with the radio or television on and some need complete quiet. If you have space restrictions then look at the space you do have – could you clear an area on your dining table, use a dressing or console table, clear out the under stairs area or even transform your shed? Anywhere could be a possibility as long as it makes you feel comfortable and the space is functional.

Furniture and office equipment

Make sure that you pay attention to a good office chair that is both comfortable and comfortable. You’ll be spending hours sitting on it and you need to take care of your posture to avoid any problems in the future. Look also at where you position your printer, computer screen and anything else you may need. If you have a laptop, consider getting a monitor so that you are looking ahead rather than downwards to avoid putting pressure on your neck and spine. This may help you to calculate the correct height of your desk and chair: Make sure you also have all the office equipment you need along with suitable storage so that the area can be left clean and tidy.

Give your area some personality

One of the best things about working from home is that you can personalize the space without any restrictions! Use your favourite photographs and pictures, add colourful plants, or go crazy on cushions and colours – there is no office policy other than yours.


It’s essential that your space is well-lit to avoid straining your eyes if you are doing anything off-line. Use a good quality lamp and if you have natural light try and maximise this.

Keep it tidy

Tidy work area, tidy mind! Make sure you clear away any cables using the DIY solutions available and make sure all paperwork is tidy and use paper trays to organise your documents. There are also some very small and compact filing cabinets available.

Setting up a home office doesn’t need to be daunting or expensive especially as it could be temporary.