Welcoming the Coburn's to Muirton Living

WE WERE thrilled to welcome the family of football legend, Willie Coburn, into our brand-new show home at our Muirton development.

His wife Jean, along with his daughter Lorraine, brother Jack and two grandsons, Cameron and Ewan toured the development, which will bring 101 private and 102 affordable homes, following the decision to name the show home after the Hall of Fame footballer.

Whilst visiting, Willie’s daughter, Lorraine said: "When I found out about the competition I made sure to spread the word far and wide and make sure at least one of the houses would carry dad’s name."

“It’s just lovely to think that so many people nominated him and they still love and remember him. It’s just part of him that’s here which is so significant considering the years he spent playing football at Muirton Park. For us as a family it’s wonderful that his memory lives on.”

Jean Coburn, Willie’s wife, added: “Willie was so well known in this area from his work with the youth club and as a St Johnstone player, he really was in with the bricks. Every time I used to take him into town I would just leave him on the street as I went about my business as it would always take so long to go down the road because so many people would want to stop and talk to Willie.”

The 11 other house types have been named after the likes of Alan Main, Paul Cherry, Sergei Baltacha, David Wotherspoon, Steven Anderson, Roddy Grant, Dave Mackay, Tommy Wright, Steve Maskrey and George O’Boyle. 

.Photo of the Coburn family by Craig Stephen