Looking for Some Winter Sun for Less?

Posted: 23/01/2019

The winter period after Christmas and New Year into January and February can be tough, with the dark mornings and evenings and little daylight to be had. With snow forecast into the end of January, you might be sick of wrapping up against the elements and craving some sun to tide you through until spring. However, Christmas may well have stretched the budget, so we’ve rounded up some European destinations closer to home that will be friendlier to the bank balance and easier to jet off to for a quick weekend break.

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How To Save for Your Holiday and Spend Less Whilst You’re There!

Posted: 17/01/2019

Determined to get some sun this year but not sure if you can afford it? If we could rely on another scorcher of a Scottish summer like we had last year that would be great! However, sometimes a change of scenery and chance to explore somewhere new is needed too. For the budget-conscious, we have rounded up some tips on how to holiday on the cheap this year – from saving tips, to getting the best holiday deals and being spending-conscious whilst you’re there.

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Helping Your Children Onto the Property Ladder with a Second Mortgage

Posted: 03/01/2019

Over a decade ago, you could get a variety of mortgages with absolutely no deposit at all but now lenders are looking for at least 5% deposit to get onto the property ladder. The deposit can be a huge obstacle for first time buyers with the average UK deposit coming in at £14,000.

Many parents will want to help their children get on to the property ladder and give them a helping hand to buy their first home but just don’t have access to such cash either.

So what are the options for those mums and dads who want to help their children. Our guide explains your options.

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The Best Online Budgeting Tools

Posted: 12/05/2018

From sticking to a monthly budget to ensuring your bank balance stays out of the red, here’s how technology could help you manage your finances with these top five apps. 

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Getting Down and Dirty for a Good Cause

Posted: 07/07/2017

We are thrilled to be handing over £2,350 to Radio Clyde’s charity Cash for Kids this month!

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